Welcome to a New Era of the Workplace 

Welcome to a new era of the workplace, where employees' happiness and mental health are at the core of business success. 
Your workforce is the backbone of your business, and their wellbeing directly impacts your success. 
With the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the workplace has witnessed a surge in resignations. There's a 10-year high in workplace absences, with stress accounting for 76% of absences in the past year 1. Mental ill health is the primary cause for long-term absence and costs the private sector over £46 billion, a 25% increase since 2019 2
That's why we believe in early intervention, tackling staff challenges proactively, and taking action when issues arise. This is where our offering with People Experts, Breedon Consulting comes in. 
Breedon Consulting are experts in Human Resource management and training services for business owners and managers across the UK. This collaboration allows us to provide business owners with a solution to the rising concerns of absenteeism, presenteeism, stress and burnout, employee engagement, retention and more. 
An evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing that seamlessly integrates with HR management. 

The Platinum Employer Package  

Stage 1: Assess 
A Company Wellness Check is completed and recommendations are given for each staff member on the level of Strive support they need, if any.  
Breedon will carry out a HR audit to highlight any areas of vulnerability for the business. 
Stage 2: Learn 
Employees are given access to the Strive online platform filled with evidence-based resources, in reading, watching, listening & activities. They can listen to relaxation audios and attend our weekly online group and topic-specific webinars every month with an expert speaker. 
Breedon will make recommendations for change and provide a HR action plan for improvement. 
Stage 3: Act 
Employees will have 1:1 sessions with a Strive Mentor every 2 weeks.  
They will be set specific resources and activities to work on by their Strive Mentor and work through these online resources and interactive activities between sessions, which are accessible 24/7.  
Where appropriate, Breedon will work with you to action your new plan. 
Stage 4: Engage & Interact 
Employees are engaged with regular email, Facebook & WhatsApp communications and event reminders. They can also join the private Facebook group to interact with other members. 
Ongoing feedback provides employees with evidence of action being taken. 
Stage 5: Reflect & Review 
Employees will complete a new Wellness Assessment every 3 months to review and reflect on what is effective and track their continual personal and professional development. This also allows us to monitor progress and measure improvement. 
Business owners will receive monthly engagement reports.  
Breedon will hold a review meeting to assess improvements made and any further action needed. 

What Makes This Offering Different? 

Our approach is multifaceted, designed to empower both employees and business owners while saving costs.  
Here's what sets us apart: 
Proactive, Preventative Approach 
A proactive, evidence-based strategy for employee wellbeing, integrated with HR management to prevent issues before they escalate. 
Gain both HR excellence from Breedon Consulting and the wellbeing expertise of SanaMente Services. 
We provide over 100 evidence-based resources, enabling employees to take charge of their mental fitness as well as personal and professional development. 
Reduction of Risk 
Our programme also reduces risks for employers, ensuring safer dismissals and preventing disciplinary actions. 
Poor mental health among employees leads to significant costs in terms of absenteeism, high turnover, and presenteeism, with a projected expense of a staggering £46 billion for the private sector, as reported by Deloitte. What's striking is that these figures represent a 25% increase compared to 2019. 
Two-fifths of employee turnover is now attributable to mental health issues, underscoring the importance of addressing this challenge. The heaviest cost, estimated at £28 billion in 2021, is associated with presenteeism. 
Workplace absences in the UK have surged to a ten-year high, according to a recent report by the CIPD and Simplyhealth. Stress is now a significant factor behind both short and long-term absences, with 76% of respondents attributing their time off to stress-related issues in the past year. The report highlights mental ill health as the primary cause of long-term absences (63%). 
These statistics show the critical need for an effective solution, making our partnership with Breedon Consulting an invaluable resource for organisations aiming to tackle these pressing issues and reduce costly workplace absences. 
The Platinum Employer Package is an investment in reducing costs, creating a healthier, more productive workforce, and securing your organisation's financial wellbeing.  

Ready to Transform Your Workplace? 

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