The StriveTogether Project 

Strive is a practical, proactive and evidence-based solution to mental fitness. Our goal is to support and enhance mental fitness, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more productive life. 
StriveTogether is a corporate social responsibility project ran by SanaMente Services, who provide the Strive service. We believe that everybody deserves and is capable of living their best life when given the right resources and support. That is why it is StriveTogether's mission to offer Strive to people who would ordinarily be unable to access it due to financial reasons. 

How does Strive support people? 

Access to our online platform with over 100 interactive resources, activities, video and audios 
Live monthly webinars with expert speakers 
Weekly online group focusing on healthy living 
1:1 support from a Strive Mentor 
Community support from our supportive network of Strivers 

How StriveTogether Works 

At Strive, we believe that wellbeing extends beyond the workplace, and it's our mission to make a positive impact in the wider community.  
1. Ambassadors- Our StriveTogether project engages individuals who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing. 
2. Partners: We collaborate with charitable organisations who play a pivotal role in identifying individuals in need of Strive's support. 
3. Referral and support: Once identified, individuals in need are referred to Strive by our charity partners. This referral system ensures that those who require assistance receive the support they need. 
4. Funding through community efforts: We raise funds through various channels, including networking events, fundraisers, and exciting challenges. These events not only generate the financial support needed but also create a sense of community and shared purpose. 
5. Improving lives: The funds raised go directly towards providing Strive's resources to individuals referred by our charity partners. This includes access to our 1:1 support and a digital platform of resources aimed at improving mental fitness. 

Our Partners 

The Zinthiya Trust provides information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse.  
Their services include Women's Project, Money, Debt, Benefits & Energy Service, Crisis and Welfare Support, Emergency Food & Essential Items like School Uniform as well as Employment Support. 
They are a registered charity providing support to people living in Leicester and Leicestershire and their service is open to everyone. 
Interested in becoming one of our charity partners?  
Find out more about becoming a StriveTogether partner. 

Our Ambassadors 

Cassie Davison is a multifaceted entrepreneur, strategic consultant and hospitality expert. With a deep-rooted passion for pubs, she views hospitality not just as a profession but as a labor of love.  
Cassie has not only used the Strive Corporate Solution for her staff but has also played an instrumental role in the conceptualisation and development of StriveTogether.  
Additionally, she has embarked on a new venture in consultancy through Kith&Kin, further expanding her influence and impact in the hospitality industry.  
Genuinely amazing holistic mental health service for employers to support employees. I've sent my staff through it with amazing results.  
It offers professional support whilst teaching and guiding people to build the tools and skills they need to build the resilience they need.  
Love this so much I'm going to be running around up & down Mont Blanc to raise money for more people to access it! 
Cassie Davison - StriveTogether Ambassador Kith & Kin Banner
Stacey Wragg is a dedicated StriveTogether Ambassador with a profound passion for corporate social responsibility (CSR.) Stacey's journey with Strive runs deep; she was the project lead for the launch and development of Strive and was an excellent mentor to the Strive Community Manager at the start of her role.  
Her enthusiasm for CSR resonates through her work as founder of Embark CSR, making her an invaluable asset to the StriveTogether project.  
John Cooper has been a founding member of Strive from the beginning and his extensive background in web consulting, marketing, and business development led us to use it’seeze Leicester Website Design to develop our websites, including the Strive Member's Area. 
His interest in well-being and passion for helping people means he will be an excellent StriveTogether Ambassador. 
Interested in becoming an Ambassador?  
Find out more about becoming a StriveTogether Ambassador. 
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