Welcome to the Strive Community, your ultimate destination for enhancing mental fitness and personal growth.  
With a holistic and non-medicalised approach, Strive empowers you to take an active role in your mental fitness journey. 
Discover a wealth of practical strategies, expert guidance, and evidence-based techniques that will propel you towards your goals.  
Our flexible and accessible platform ensures you can engage at your own pace and convenience, making mental fitness a sustainable and enjoyable part of your daily routine.  
Start your journey towards a fulfilling and balanced life today. 

What's Included? 

Online learning
Over 100 Online Resources 
Video | Audio | PDF | Activity 
Suits all learning styles 
Healthy eating
Weekly Online Group 
Focuses on sleep, diet, exercise and habits 
Thinking woman
Interactive Activities 
Practical activities you can fit into your day 
1-2-1 support
1:1 Support* 
Fortnightly online sessions with your Strive Mentor 
Online webinars
Live Speaker Webinars 
Monthly events with different expert speakers 
group celebration
Community Support 
Our supportive network of Strivers 

Groups & Events 

Attend our weekly online group & monthly webinars, designed to support you in journey to become the best version of yourself. 

Energise  Every Tuesday | 7-8pm 

Come along to our friendly and welcoming online weekly group where we discuss and learn about sleep, diet and the relationship between our mind and body.  
This will be followed by guided relaxation to help you absorb what you have learnt, as well as be able to experience true relaxation. 

Refocus  Monthly on Thursdays | 7-8pm 

Once a month, members can access our live Refocus webinars. With a different expert speaker at every event, Strivers can expect to gain knowledge on a whole host of different topics. Topics include: 
Energy and nutrition 
Finances and setting goals 
Mindfulness and managing emotions 
Connecting to nature and the outdoors 
Managing work/life balance and conflict resolution 
+ many more. 

1:1 Support* 

Your Strive Mentor is there to guide you, answer any questions and help with any challenges you may face during your journey.  
Any information shared in our 1:1 sessions is completely confidential, we do not share your information with any third party or employer if you are a member through your work.  
Our aim is to help you make sense of what you are feeling, and guide you to information that will support that. 
*Quercus Membership only 

Our Framework 

Strive is built on a framework called The 10 Keys of Happiness. The Ten Keys to Happier Living framework was jointly developed by Vanessa King and the Action for Happiness team in 2010, based on an extensive review of the latest research evidence relating to psychological wellbeing. 





Trying Out 







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Member access to the Strive online platform, including: 
Over 100 evidence-based reading, audio, video & activity resources 
Weekly online group 
Monthly topic-specifc webinar events  
Newsletters, Facebook Group, WhatsApp service 
Wellness Assessments & personalised action plans 
£49.99 per month 
Quercus logo
Member access to the Strive online platform, including: 
Over 100 evidence-based reading, audio, video & activity resources 
Weekly online group 
Monthly topic-specifc webinar events 
Newsletters, Facebook Group, WhatsApp service 
Wellness Assessments & personalised action plans 
Fortnightly online sessions with a Strive Mentor 

£120 per month 

Our Strive Corporate Solution 
Strive Corporate Solution 
Elevate your business by addressing the mental fitness of your workforce with the Strive Corporate Solution. 
Related testimonials 
Speech marks

H Frost | December 2023 

I cannot recommend SanaMente highly enough. The online resources are user-friendly and of a high quality. In particular, the meditation recordings were of real benefit to me. The Tuesday group session is filled with caring people from different walks of life, all there to support one another. My one-to-one sessions have provided such great support and given me a brimming tool kit filled with different ways in which I can navigate situations, feelings and emotions. I know it is cheesy to say, but SanaMente and my one-to-one support have transformed my life having started 2023 in a very different dark place. I am so grateful - thank you to all the team. 
Speech marks
Proffessor John Maultby | University of Leicester | June 2023 
Testimonial from Professor John Maultby
Click on the image to view a larger version. 
Speech marks
Alan | June 2023 
Having worked with Linda and her team for several years I was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the founding members of the Strive community. Key to the success of the programme is the ability to access a variety of online resources, including recordings at a time of my choosing and when I need help in the moment. These resources are comprehensive but remain very accessible, with pragmatic ideas for putting these into practice. All of this is backed up by one to one support which is invaluable in which we are able to discuss progress and concerns acting as a great way to ‘check in’ and reinforcing the feeling that you are a part of a supportive community. I’d have no hesitation in recommending the Strive programme as an excellent way of supporting your mental health. 
Speech marks
Peter | January 2023 
I have been a Strive member for two years now. The Strive programme has excellent events and resources that benefit my emotional and mental health. I recommend these events and joining Strive with SanaMente. I enjoy weekly Energise sessions online with Clare to help me live healthily in body and mind. I also attend the monthly Refocus events which give me food for thought and I find the speakers stimulating. But I also do use the online Strive platform resources as the go-to place for help when I need it. I highly recommend joining Strive and making the most of this mental wellness resource and community. 
Speech marks
Sarah W | December 2022 
The team at SanaMente gave me the support I needed. Their website has lots of tools to help with many different things. There are weekly events you can join online. I would recommend a 1-2-1 session to get you started. 
Speech marks
Sarah G | December 2022 
Linda gave me the opportunity to join Strive whilst going through a very difficult period... suggesting this may help! My Strive Mentor was extremely patient and allowed me to go at my own pace, guiding when needed but also pushing me forwards... Thank you both! I would highly recommend it! 
Speech marks
2 September 2022 
I am a Betula member of the Strive community and have been for a few months, during which time I read the Strive weekly newsletter and make use of the excellent member's online resources, which for August's theme of Energy provided some really good material on health and nutrition, including hydration, all of which interested me and I have been able to apply the suggestions to my daily routine. 
The Energise live web events each Tuesday evening have provided the impetus and motivation for me to keep going with improving my health and wellbeing and I have really benefited from the support from the kind and knowledgeable Clare, who facilitates the sessions, as well as receiving support from the community of members who also attend and to whom I also try and give support for our mutual benefit. The Energise events tend to complement the month's theme, so in August, we have been talking about Energy and the role food and nutrition play in this.  
We have learnt about the benefits of regular hydration with water and not my habit of using sweetened fizzy drinks which I have now kicked with the group and Clare's support and as a consequence feel better and have more energy. I am recognising how eating a good diet, getting my sleep, as well breaks at work, plus exercising has improved and continue to improve my mental wellbeing, as well as my physical health. 
I have also been attending regularly the Refocus events which again are live over the web, and we have listened to and had questions answered from experts who speak and get the members thinking about new perspectives on staying mentally and physically well, for example, a session on body confidence, led by Linda, the director of SanaMente, last week, helped to nudge me towards thinking more positively about self-care, as both compassion for others and self-compassion underpin the input I receive with my Strive membership. 
I've left the best till last and that is the guided relaxation sessions at the end of each event, optional, but essential as far as I'm concerned, helping me to relax and absorb positive insights from the evening's session. These make the perfect end to a working day, which is always busy. 
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