The Problem 

Even before COVID-19, stress, depression, and burnout were on the rise, causing a staggering 70 million lost workdays in the UK annually. 1 
Presenteeism is also surging, with employees showing up but unable to perform their best due to mental health concerns. Long-term sickness absence is primarily attributed to mental health issues, with a significant uptake in reported cases over in 2022/23. 2 
Mental Health Issues are the number one cause of sickness absences in the UK and according to the Centre for Mental Health, these cost UK businesses £35 billion per year. 

The Solution 

Strive is a practical, proactive and evidence-based solution to employee wellbeing.  
Our goal is to support and enhance the mental fitness of your employees, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.  
Investing in your employees is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a smart business decision. We have saved companies thousands of pounds by improving attendance and productivity. 
Studies show that for every one pound invested in employee wellbeing, there is a return-on-investment of up to six pounds. 3 

 But what is mental fitness?  

Mental fitness refers to the state of psychological wellbeing and resilience. It encompasses various aspects, including emotional intelligence, stress management, self-awareness, and cognitive abilities.  
Tailored to each organisation's unique needs, the flexible Strive platform provides personalised support and convenient access at any time or location, with 1:1 support, resources, videos, guided relaxations, and interactive action plans
By granting employees access to Strive, organisations safeguard their business's future by supporting their most valuable asset—their people. 

Company Wellness Check 

Our Company Wellness Check offers a diagnostic tool and a report to display the current wellbeing of your employees and recommend a strategy for monitoring and improving the mental fitness of your workforce. 
We want to help businesses get the most out of their teams. When people are happy, they are more productive.  
This tool will allow us to provide business owners with a solution to the rising concerns of absenteeism, presenteeism, stress and burnout, employee-management conflict and more. 
Analysing your employee responses to our 30-question Wellness Assessment, based on our risk criteria and business metrics, provides us with real-time information, meaning we can advise you on how best to support your team. 

How Our Solution Works  

Stage 1: Assess 
A Company Wellness Check is completed and recommendations are given for each staff member on the level of support they need. Employee's answers are completely confidential. 
Stage 2: Learn 
Employees are given access to the Strive online platform filled with evidence-based resources, in reading, watching, listening & activities. 
They can listen to relaxation audios and attend our weekly online group and topic-specific webinars every month with an expert speaker. 
Stage 3: Act 
Employees will have 1:1 sessions with a Strive Mentor every 2 weeks. 
They will be set specific resources and activities to work on by their Strive Mentor and work through these online resources and interactive activities between sessions, which are accessible 24/7. 
Our toolkits are practical, engaging, and easy to apply to daily life. 
Stage 4: Engage & Interact 
Employees are engaged with regular email, Facebook & WhatsApp communications and event reminders. They can also join the private Facebook group to interact with other members. 
Stage 5: Reflect & Review 
Employees will review and reflect on what is effective and track continual personal and professional development. 
Employees will complete a Wellness Assessment every 3 months, allowing us to monitor progress and improvement. 
Business owners will receive regular engagement reports. We are a no contract, pay-monthly, flexible service. 
Membership Packages 
The investment is dependent upon the level of membership of employees. Our aim is to assist you to meet your goals, whether that be reducing sickness absence and presenteeism, or generally improving the mental fitness of your staff.  
Our Company Wellness Check recommends which level of support each employee will benefit from, if they need support. 
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Member access to the Strive online platform, including: 
Over 100 evidence-based reading, audio, video & activity resources 
Weekly online group 
Monthly topic-specifc webinar events  
Newsletters, Facebook Group, WhatsApp service 
Wellness Assessments & personalised action plans 
£25.00 per employee per month 
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Member access to the Strive online platform, including: 
Over 100 evidence-based reading, audio, video & activity resources 
Weekly online group 
Monthly topic-specifc webinar events 
Newsletters, Facebook Group, WhatsApp service 
Wellness Assessments & personalised action plans 
Fortnightly online sessions with a Strive Mentor 

£120.00 per employee per month 

Getting Started 

There are two ways in which we work with organisations: 
We also include package recommendations for employees based on the findings of the Company Wellness Check. We can then offer tailored support to these employees through the Strive Corporate Solution as a flexible, pay-monthly service. 
2. Adhoc  
We can help business owners who are stressed or concerned about particular members of staff with issues like: 
● People who recognise they are experiencing signs of stress or are struggling with work-life balance; 
● People who have been recognised by their line managers or colleagues, as currently having difficulties with emotions, work relationships or changes in behaviour; 
● People with previous or current sickness, absence or performance management challenges. 
We can then offer tailored support to these employees through the Strive Corporate Solution as a flexible, pay-monthly service. 
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Related testimonials 
Speech marks

H Frost | December 2023 

I cannot recommend SanaMente highly enough. The online resources are user-friendly and of a high quality. In particular, the meditation recordings were of real benefit to me. The Tuesday group session is filled with caring people from different walks of life, all there to support one another. My one-to-one sessions have provided such great support and given me a brimming tool kit filled with different ways in which I can navigate situations, feelings and emotions. I know it is cheesy to say, but SanaMente and my one-to-one support have transformed my life having started 2023 in a very different dark place. I am so grateful - thank you to all the team. 
Speech marks
Proffessor John Maultby | University of Leicester | June 2023 
Testimonial from Professor John Maultby
Click on the image to view a larger version. 
Speech marks
Louise Toombs | July 2023 
Having 41 staff members taking care of 125 children with diverse needs daily is not easy. I used to face challenges before discovering Linda Neville and her Strive Corporate Solution. Sickness absences have significantly reduced, alleviating the burden of arranging last-minute cover and the associated costs. One staff member, who had never completed a full month without sickness in years, is now present every day. Dealing with absences and finding suitable replacements was a constant headache, affecting both the nursery's stability and finances. 
Speech marks
Karen Byrne | July 2023 
The school engaged the services of SanaMente when revisiting our well-being strategy two years ago. The SanaMente approach offered a new dimension to well-being, enabling individualised support to help staff understand their own mental health and equipping them with the right tools and strategies to cope through difficult and challenging times.  
Speech marks
Louise Toombs - Director of Shardlow Day Nursery | 25 Aug 2022 
Mrs Toombs told us, she has 41 staff looking after 125 children on a daily basis, ranging from babies to eleven years. Each day is different the children have ever changing needs. The staff have to be able to respond and react to those needs as well as keep parents informed and provide a high-quality developmental service. This requires staff to be flexible, resilient, and confident. 
Speech marks
Finance Director | 14 June 2022 
As a company we had real concerns for the mental health and well-being of some of our employees. Many had been working from home during the pandemic and were expressing anxieties about returning to the office. In addition, the commercial landscape was changing, costs are increasing and the need to increase productivity has never been more acute. 
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