What is a StriveTogether Ambassador? 

A StriveTogether Ambassador is a dedicated advocate and supporter of our mission to promote great mental fitness. Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Strive, spreading awareness, and fostering support for our initiative.  
While there's no formal commitment required, these passionate individuals are instrumental in sharing our message, organising fundraising events, and helping us reach a wider audience.  

What does a StriveTogether Ambassador do? 

A StriveTogether Ambassador plays a pivotal role in advocating for mental wellness and supporting our mission to enhance mental fitness. There's no binding commitment or fundraising pledge required. Instead, Ambassadors can engage in various activities such as raising awareness, participating in exciting fundraising challenges, and promoting our initiatives within their communities.  
By sharing their passion and advocating for mental health, Ambassadors contribute significantly to our collective efforts in making great mental fitness accessible to all. Their dedication helps spread the message of StriveTogether and encourages individuals to embark on their own journeys to improved mental fitness. 

Who can be a StriveTogether Ambassador? 

Anyone with a genuine passion for mental health and well-being can become a StriveTogether Ambassador. We welcome all individuals who are eager to make a positive impact on our communities. Whether you're a concerned citizen, business professional, student, or someone with a personal interest in promoting mental wellness, your dedication is what matters most.  
As an Ambassador, your enthusiasm and commitment to raising awareness and supporting our initiatives are what drive positive change. We would love you to join us in our mission to empower individuals to live their best lives through improved mental fitness. 

Become a StriveTogether Ambassador 

We would love you to join our mission to help individuals in need access mental health support. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch very soon. Thank you. 
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