Couples who Strive together, thrive together 

Relationships can be tricky to navigate and that's without adding the external pressues we face day to day. 
Sometimes, we can take our frustration out on those closest to us and push away the people who we care about. Other times, we don't assert our boundaries and end up compromising our values. Both of these situations are unhealthy for our mind and relationship.  
Our Couples Bootcamp programme will allow you both to: 
Improve communication 
& set boundaries 
Revive genuine  
Build a healthier relationship 
with yourself as well as your partner 
Our Couples Bootcamp programme will help both individuals to communicate better, understand more and reconnect with eachother.  
However, not all relationships will go the distance and if this is the case, you will both learn how to seperate yet remain amicable, being able to move on with self-acceptance and renewed direction. 
These videos have been created to give you an insight into some of the challenges you may face in a relationship.  
There are two sides to every story with each person having a different perspective.  
In the end, what it comes down to is which matters the most: to be right? or to be together? 

What Do You Get? 

Full Access to Resources 
The programme covers 6 key areas of wellbeing. You will get access to the full Strive platform of resources. 
121 Sessions 
Weekly online 121 sessions with your Strive Mentor. Each session will be personal to your journey and your mentor will be there to guide you in the right direction to the resources you need and how to understand them. 
Live Webinars 
Join us for our fortnightly Refocus online events with industry experts covering practical topics. An excellent workout for the mind followed by guided relaxation. 
Interactive Activities 
Put your knowledge into practice with interactive activities. Editable PDF's make Striving easy & accessible on the go. 
You will be sent out our NFC scannable card which links to the Strive Survival Kit for quick access to your personal resources. 
(Give the card as an act of kindness if somebody you know is struggling, you can pass the card onto them.) 

Book your place now All payments to be made per person. 

For couples 
Access to the programme for 2 people but with individual platform access 


Explore other options 

For individuals 
Individual access to the bootcamp programme and platform 


For groups (4) 
Access to the programme for a group of 4 but with individual platform access 


For businesses 
Please contact us for a quote for your company. Individual access for staff 


Our Strive Online Community 
Our Strive Online Community 
If you would like to access downloadable resources, interactive activities, live events, 121 support and more - Join our Strive community today. 
Our online platform will help you improve your wellbeing and mental health by guiding you through the 10 Keys of Happiness which you can work through at your own pace with content you can read, do, watch and listen to - whichever suits you! 
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