An intensive programme designed to get you mentally fit and enable you to conquer fears, reach goals and become your best self.  
Including personal fitness sessions with 1st Legion Gym, full access to Strive resources, 121 support with a Strive Mentor & much more! 
The programme is fully bespoke to your current circumstances and is tailored to transform your mental and physical fitness in just 8 weeks. 
What you can expect from the Brain Bootcamp  

By the end of this programme you will be: 

Physically fitter 
Looking forward to life ahead 
Sharper and more focused 
In control of your mind, thoughts & behaviours 

This programme is right for you if: 

You are actively trying to make a change 
You're no longer willing to accept less than you deserve in life 
You take responsibility for your decisions, actions and wellbeing and will dedicate the time and effort to 121s, training sessions and events 

How we improve your mental health  

Access to mental health resources covering all aspects of wellbeing 
Interactive activities, video and guided relaxation audios 
Weekly counselling sessions with your Strive mentor 
Fortnightly webinars by relatable speakers 

How we improve your physical health 

Access to 1st Legion Gym Facilities 
Twice weekly gym fitness classes  
Weekly online group, Energise - 
helping with exercise, nutrition & sleep 
Additional bolt-ons:  
Hot Pod Yoga 
What you get during the programme  
Full Access to Resources 
The programme covers 6 key areas of wellbeing. You will get access to the full Strive platform of resources. 
Weekly 121 Sessions 
Each online session will be personal to your journey. Your mentor will be there to guide you in the right direction to the resources you need and how to understand them. 
Use of Gym Facilities 
10,000sq ft of equipment & facilities 
Additional Bolt Ons 
Additional activities such as Hotpod Yoga classes and the use of Sauna facilities can be added on to your programme 
Interactive Activities 
Put your knowledge into practice with interactive activities. Editable PDF's make Striving easy & accessible on the go. 
Live Group Events 
Join us for our fortnightly live events with industry experts covering practical topics. An excellent workout for the mind followed by guided relaxation. 
Fitness Classes  
Weekly fitness classes at 1st Legion Fighters Gym on Wednesdays or Saturdays 
Meet the Experts  
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Linda Neville  
Founder of SanaMente 
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strive Mentor 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Jamie Mcmanus  
Founder of 1st Legion Fighters Gym 
Head Coach 

Book your place now All payments to be made per person. 

For individuals 


For businesses 


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