Data Policy 

Data Management 

This policy aims to uphold SanaMente’s commitment to high standards of data management to keep you protected in line with our values. We understand how sensitive your information is and know the importance of maintaining and keeping the personal data secure. As a company registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s office), all data will be handled under the GDPR guidelines with utmost confidentiality between SanaMente and the client. 

Purpose of Data Collection 

The data is collected to help evaluate an individual's current mental health and wellbeing status. The same assessment can be used by multiple people within a company to create an average wellbeing state within a company/department where the average values will be anonymised. This data will be analysed to provide feedback in general terms to companies and specific feedback in relation to individuals with all data and information being handled under the GDPR guidelines.. 

Data Usage 

All data will be automatically collected through the CRM (where the wellness assessment was created) and analysed using our innovative informatic dashboard. The data itself will be used to create a profile specific to the individual and aide in creating a company-wide profile based on the average scores across all profiles within the company to provide an overview to senior members within the company (without providing specifics on individuals) where relevant. 

Data Access 

The data can only be viewed by the STRIVE Mentors. They cannot make any adjustments to the responses given by the clients. Furthermore, the data analyst will have access to the data to analyse the responses to the wellness assessment on an individual basis and companywide on an anonymous level (for those that have been onboarded through their workplace). An individual can ask for their data at any stage if they wish. 

Data Retention 

Data collected from STRIVERS: As this is data relating to health, it is important to take into consideration current data policies that have been implemented in the health industry. As such, we plan to retain all data for 8 years following the end of your involvement with STRIVE to help form your health record. All confidential information is destroyed in-line with the NHS Records management code of practice. 
Data collected for Data Student Exclusively: All data collected solely for the purpose of helping the MPhil student carry out any analytical work will be destroyed once the project has completed (prior to August 2023). 

Data Sharing 

All data will not be shared with any other individuals or companies as per GDPR guidelines and ICO requirements. Exceptions could be made in instances of clear legal requirements or if you have given us explicit instructions to share data with another individual and/or organisation. 
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