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At our last Strive event, experienced family solicitor and co-director of award-winning law firm- AGR Law, Gina Samuel-Richards joined us to talk about how best to deal with ending relationships. After seeing similar situations daily as a solicitor who deals with divorce, Gina gave her insight into healthy relationships, early warning signs and the legal processes involved in separation. 
Gina added that there are five main elements to a healthy relationship:  
Mutual respect 
Good communication 
Understanding of fidelity 
Affection and interest 
Early Warning Signs 
As someone who sees relationship breakdowns often during her work, some of the most common early warning signs Gina noted are: 
Speaking negatively about your partner's family or friends to separate them and create isolation 
Constant uncertainty, feelings of being on rollercoaster 
High levels of jealously leading to controlling behaviour 
Love-bombing (manipulating and controlling someone by showering them with an abundance of affection and attention to create dependency) 
Ending a Relationship 
Some main tips Gina shared for after making the decision to end a relationship were: 
Stay civil where possible 
Be willing to compromise to make necessary agreements e.g. childcare 
Seek legal advice early 
Things to Consider 
Caregiving for children 
Assets - be aware people can hide/move their assets before divorce 
Setting up two-factor authentication on your devices and social media accounts 
Take personal belongings as these may be difficult to retrieve later 
No-fault divorce (recent law whereby the dissolution of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party) 
If you require legal advice, please contact: AGR Law 
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