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In November 2021, the government released the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter to be voluntarily signed by education providers. 
What is it? 
The charter outlines 9 commitments from the Department for Education, 3 commitments from OFSTED and 11 organisational commitments for the education provider to agree to. 
The Department of Education have agreed to... 
Integrate wellbeing into their workload policy test 
Measure and respond to changes in staff wellbeing 
Ensure guidance covers staff wellbeing 
Reduce unnececessary workload 
Promote flexible working and diversity 
Break down stigma around mental health 
Improve access to mental health and wellbeing resources 
Include wellbeing in training 
Review in 2023 
OFSTED have agreed to... 
Ensure inspectors look at staff wellbeing during their inspections 
Review whether OFSTED framework and visits are having an impact on staff wellbeing 
Continue to clarify that no extra documentation is expected from providers for inspection 
If the education provider signs up, they agree to... 
Prioritise staff mental health 
Give staff the support they need to take responsbilty for their own and other people's wellbeing 
Give managers the tools they need to support staff wellbeing 
Establish a clear communications policy 
Give staff a voice in decision-making 
Drive down unneccesary workload 
Champion flexible working and diversity 
Create a good behaviour culture 
Support staff to progress in their careers 
Include a sub-stategy for protecting leader wellbeing and mental health 
Hold themselves accountable, including by measuring staff wellbeing 
Schools and other education providers can now sign up to the charter if they wish.  
But it is important to note that OFSTED can make random inspections and as their agreement states, they now are looking at staff wellbeing too. One way to make sure your school rates oustanding is to make sure your staff's wellbeing is looked after.  
Strive offers a solution for education providers. Schools can sign up their staff to the Strive Corporate Solution for access to a varied library of resources, interactive activities and video content as well as webinars and 1-2-1 support sessions.  
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