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1 in 4 people experience poor mental health in the UK. So if that's not you, it's one of your three best mates. 
Our NHS and charities alike are crippled under the demand for support. And that's with the people who do reach out for help. 
"Mental health" is a territory. It can be at peace or it can be at war. And it will endure battles. Whether these are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or situational - we need to be prepared for them. 2022 is set to be the toughest year faced by many in our lives so far. With rising prices, economic uncertainty and lasting impacts of the pandemic on careers and ambitions, it's all too common to be feeling stressed out and in constant combat with life. 
An unsettled, restless and imbalanced mind is not a good place to occupy. Everyday can feel like a battle. We don't even know someone is fighting sometimes, until they lose. When it's too late. 
This is a personal fight for so many people and on so many levels. Our own mental health can be our greatest ally. Or our worst enemy. It can be on side or seemingly against us. A war being fought, commonly, and all-too-often invisible to the eye, by our family, lovers, friends, colleagues, neighbours and everyday strangers. 
We are all involved. So are you ready to fight back? Our nation is calling for an army of aware and alert individuals. An army capable of conquering stigma around mental health battles. 2022 is time to get tooled up and fired up for resolution. Mental health needs attention the same way your body does. We visit gyms, doctors, dentists, opticians, chemists, hairdressers as part of life, habitually even. We know where to turn, mostly, for each part of us. 
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