Firstly, we want to thank everyone who joined our Strive Second Anniversary Webinar last night. 
We're also really excited to share some changes with you. Strive has a new look and logo. Plus, we've our new dedicated website for Strive. A big shoutout to Chris Goodman at Soar Valley Press and John Cooper at Itseeze websites.  
Strive launched in September 2021 and was designed to extend SanaMente’s reach in helping people become the best version of themselves by improving their mental fitness and overall wellbeing. 
Strive is a practical, proactive and evidence-based solution supporting and enhancing mental fitness, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Strive offers access to our online platform with over 100 interactive resources, activities, videos (from the talented Ben Robinson at BJR Creative Studios) and audios, monthly webinars, a weekly group run by Clare, 1:1 support from a Strive Mentor and community encouragement supportive Strive members. 
We have had some fantastic speakers at our monthly webinars who have generously shared their expertise and experiences with our members: 
Gaynor Quilter, Founder of Be Mindful Now CIC on Mindfulness 
Aime Ayrehart, Founder of Ninja HR on Workplace Relationships 
Kate Jackson, Business and Leadership Coach at Cast & Mint and Clinical Hypnotherapist at SanaMente Hypnotherapy on Healthy Relationships 
Barry Wakelin, Personal Trainer on Getting Active 
Su Stanbridge, Founder of Simply Yoga with Su on Trying Out Yoga 
Gina Samuel Richards, Solicitor & Director at AGR Law Limited on Ending Relationships 
Ben Stocking, Director at Green Circle Nature Regeneration CIC on Appreciating Nature 
Clare Copping, Clinical Hypnotherapist at Starfish Hypnotherapy and SanaMente Hypnotherapy on Affirmations also on Tapping (EFT) 
Francesca Shearer, Professional Bodybuilder on Mind & Body Resilience 
Rajesh Modha, Certified Financial Coach, Chartered Financial Planner & IFA at The FinanceLab Ltd & Tilton Conway Financial Planning on Financial Wellbeing and Values 
David Gorey, Finance Director at Davidsons Homes on Financial Planning 
Terry Wright, Director at Debt Advice & Solutions UK Ltd on Managing Debt 
Stacey Wragg, Founder of EmbarkCSR & Creative Collaborators on Giving & Purpose. 
Magdalena Korytkowska, Fundraising Manager at Blue Light Card Foundation on Giving Back. 
Matt Piper, Founder of FSD Academy on Emotions and his story 
Cassie Davison, Founder Kith & Kin Hospitality on Resilience 
David Macnish, Room Leader at Shardlow Day Nursery on Trying Out 
Olivia Pitt, Life Coach and Founder of Olivia Pitt Coaching on Appreciation and Gratitude 
Hitz Rao, Founder of Hitz Rao Photography on Acceptance 
Stacey Wragg led the project to take Strive from an idea to a fully functioning platform. We built our CRM with Remy at Cymer Marketing, Member’s Area with John, Resources designed by Miranda and written by Sinead, and not to mention all of our processes! 
Linda created the innovative Strive Wellness Assessment too, which has been instrumental in assessing, identifying the right support and measuring the changes and progress people make. Our Strive founders were our first members and we thank them for their support and feedback along the way. 
In the first year, we did lots of testing, proof of concept and piloting with companies to improve our processes - we found it worked really well for businesses and developed the Strive Corporate Solution. 
By the end of year 1, we had taken on a Computer Science Masters Student, 2 University of Leicester interns, had built on our relationships with business owners and began to see a real community. In Year 2, we consolidated the use of data to provide new innovative services to business owners - an engagement dashboard, and the Company Wellness Check. We are looking forward to continuing to improve Strive, our new partnerships and collaborations as well as our special new project... 

Introducing StriveTogether 

Now, let's dive into the brand new project we have been hinting at - StriveTogether. Last night, we announced our brand new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Stacey gave a very insightful overview of CSR - a way of conducting business that contributes to social good putting people and the planet first as well as profits. 
We believe that everybody deserves and is capable of living their best life when given the right resources and support. That is why it is StriveTogether's mission to offer Strive to people who would ordinarily be unable to access it due to financial reasons. 
Our StriveTogether partners will identify and refer individuals who they are working with who would benefit from mental health support. We are really delighted to announce that the Zinthiya Trust is our first partner. The Zinthiya Trust provide information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse. 
Their services include their Women's Project, Money, Debt, Benefits and Energy Service, Crisis and Welfare Support and Emergency Food & Essential Items. Thank you to Zinthiya Trust @Sally for speaking at our event last night and telling us why Zinthiya Trust have decided to support this project and how it will benefit their clients. 
If you are a charity or third-sector organisation and interested in becoming a StriveTogether partner find out more here.  
Our StriveTogether Ambassadors will represent StriveTogether, spreading awareness, and gaining support for our initiative. We heard from Cassie who will be fundraising by running around Mont-Blanc - 165km in 5 days!!! Nicky and Linda will also be skydiving next year! It just keeps getting bigger and better. 
We're thrilled to welcome Cassie Davison, Stacey Wragg, John Cooper, and Nicky Cooper as our first StriveTogether Ambassadors. Thank you. 
If you are interested in becoming a StriveTogether Ambassador, find out more by visiting this page. 
You can also support this new project by donating directly to the StriveTogether project or paying forward a monthly subscription for someone in need here. Every contribution supports access to StriveTogether.  
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