Since the initial conception of the Strive platform, we have recognised the significant role money plays in our mental health and well-being. 
It’s great to see that Martin Lewis, The Money Saving Expert and founder of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, agrees 
Mr. Lewis believes it is time to take swift action in co-locating money advice services with mental health support. According to a recent article, Mr Lewis says “Financial problems and mental health issues are locked together, it’s about time treatments were linked too.” 
Read the Institute’s full policy note here. 
The Institute has now called upon the Government to ensure that individuals receiving mental health support be asked about their financial situation during their initial assessment. 
Strive has recognised the significance of addressing finance when assessing well-being from the start. Our Wellness Assessment includes multiple questions about finances, understanding that financial stress can significantly impact mental health. By identifying financial struggles early on, we can offer tailored support and resources to address those concerns. 
In our recent Cost-of-Living Webinar for Strive members, three financial experts highlighted the importance of understanding the impact of financial stress on mental health and answered questions from members. And by offering financial e-resources and expertise alongside mental health support, Strive ensures that individuals can access both services conveniently. 
The Institute also acknowledges that some individuals prefer remote assistance for financial advice. In line with this, we provide various avenues for support. Through their online platform, Strive offers a plethora of financial resources, ranging from budgeting tools to educational materials on managing debt and improving financial well-being. 
The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute's findings align closely with the initiatives already undertaken by Strive. However, we don’t just look at finances and mental well-being within our community - we look at an array of areas like relationships, physical health, substances including alcohol, personal responsibility, career, self-care and more. We believe in taking a truly holistic and non-medicalised approach, one with a robust and practical evidence base focusing on mental fitness. 
Whether you are an individual seeking support or a business looking to prioritise your employees' mental health and the return on investment this brings, Strive offers a range of resources and services tailored to address the intersection of mental health and finances and much more. 
To learn more about how Strive can support you or your organisation, contact our team today. 
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