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A note from Linda 

As the world celebrates International Nurses Day, it's a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the remarkable work of nurses and the impact they have on the healthcare industry. Nurses are the backbone of any healthcare system, and they play an essential role in providing quality care to patients. It's a privilege to be a nurse, and I feel grateful to be part of this noble profession. 
Today, I would like to reflect on a lesser-known fact about the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. She was not only a nurse but also a statistician who used data to improve medical outcomes. Nightingale's work in statistics was instrumental in shaping modern healthcare, and her contributions are still relevant today. 
At SanaMente, we are continuously collecting data to monitor and improve care. We understand the importance of data in healthcare and have developed the Strive Company Wellness Check, which uses data-driven insights to help organisations understand their employees' health and mental fitness. By analysing the data, Strive can help organisations develop a bespoke wellness package that addresses specific employee needs. 
The Strive Corporate Solution is designed to help companies address the issues that can result from mental health challenges faced by their employees. For example: 
● High rates of sickness absence 
● Low retention rates 
● Low productivity and presenteeism 
● Poor morale 
● Staff conflict 
The program is tailored to the company's needs, and it uses a data-driven approach to provide personalised solutions to improve employee health and wellness. 
As nurses, we understand the importance of data in healthcare, and Strive's approach is aligned with those values. By using data to develop a personalised program, we can help companies achieve their goals and promote a healthy workplace culture. 
On this International Nurses Day, I urge healthcare professionals to embrace the power of data and continue to use it to improve outcomes. At SanaMente, we are committed to using data to promote health and wellness in the workplace. Let's celebrate the contribution of nurses worldwide, and continue to strive for excellence in mental health. 
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